All trainings and intensives combine very intensive integrated experiential, theoretical and practical work to support the participant's learning process. This enhances the skills of sensitivity to bodily processes and of self-awareness and self-reflection, forming a sound basis for professional competence.

A) Deep Bodywork 1-year Foundation Training

This one-year course gives a comprehensive introduction to Reichian bodywork, to a wide range of body awareness skills, to a bodily felt sense of self and other and to personal and interpersonal energetic processes. This year is often described by participants as a profoundly moving and life-changing experience, both personally and professionally.

B) Deep Bodywork 2-year Advanced Training
This two year course is an Advanced Training in Deep Bodywork - specialisation in Psychotherapeutic Postural Integration. It combines intensive personal experience with theoretical and practical training.

This course is for people who want to become more skilful at working deeply with the bodymind, both their own and their clients'. It follows on from the Deep Bodywork 1-year Foundation Training and is a thorough 2-year training in process-oriented bodywork and bodypsychotherapeutic techniques. This course can be a powerful supplementary training in how to work deeply with bodymind for practitioners of other bodywork/therapy modalities and for practitioners of other forms of psychotherapy, wishing to enhance and extend their current practice.

C) Deep Bodywork 1-year Certification Phase

This 1-year course supports the participants who have successfully completed the Deep Bodywork Advanced Training in making the transition to becoming Deep Bodywork Practitioners working with clients under supervision and developing an independent practice.

Successful completion of all three training phases A, B and C together form a complete Training in Deep Bodywork to professional therapist standard; as well as a complete Training in Postural Integration® to approved international standards of ICPIT - International Council of PsychoCorporal and Bodymind Integration Trainers.

D) PULSING Training

See Pulsing section


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