Deep Bodywork 2-year Advanced Training

- with specialisation in Postural Integration®

January 2018 to August 2020

The course consists of 33 days in year one and 38 days in year two (altogether 532 in-class training hours).

This two year course is an Advanced Training in Deep Bodywork – with specialisation in Postural Integration. It combines intensive personal experience with theoretical and practical training.

The course is for people who want to become skilled at working deeply with the bodymind, both their own and their clients’. It follows on from the 1-year Foundation in Deep Bodywork and develops that with a thorough 2-year training in process-oriented, relational bodywork and body-psychotherapeutic techniques, including touch. This course can be a powerful supplementary training in how to work deeply with bodymind for practitioners of other bodywork/therapy modalities and for psychotherapists wishing to enhance and extend their current practice.

In this Advanced Training in Deep Bodywork we continue the combination and interrelation of experiential, theoretical and practical material, which allows knowledge and understanding to be gained through these three channels, and thus be integrated much deeper.

After successful completion of this 2-year Advanced Training in Deep Bodywork, participants wishing to become Deep Bodywork Practitioners (and/or Certified Postural Integrators), can enter a 1-year Certification Phase

after completion of the 2-year Advanced Training, working with clients under supervision and taking part in professional support and development weekends.

Curricula of the 2-year Deep Bodywork Advanced Training – Specialisation in Postural Integration®:


  1. The Energetic Cycle 2: the development of energetic patterns & segments
  2. Emotional & Energetic Processes 2 - increasing self-reflection & separation of inner aspects; deepening the interpersonal processes; developing emotional competence
  3. Transference & Countertransference 2 – how defensive & creative processes influence the therapeutic relationship; therapeutic holding and frames; interrelatedness & interdependence; intersubjectivity
  4. Deep Touch 1: BodyFocus 1-7 Therapeutic Postural Integration - level 1
  5. Anatomy for Deep Postural Bodywork in a body-psychotherapeutic context; Body Awareness; Movement Awareness; Body Reading Body Awareness; Movement Awareness; Body Reading
  6. Contact and touch - refining awareness & increasing competence in verbal & non-verbal communication; extent and limits of verbal & touch communication
  7. Developmental models & theories of character, personality & Self 1: patterns of development; origins of disturbances; protective & defensive processes
  8. Supervision of the work with fellow students


  1. Energetic Cycle 3: the energetic wave in relationship, fine-tuning, imagework & creativity; increasing self-regulative processes
  2. Transference, countertransference & working at the boundary; uncertainty; containment & holding; transparency & openness in core contact
  3. Deep Touch 2 – BodyFocus 1-10  Postural Integration - level 2
  4. Models, methods and techniques of working with the body-mind; ethics of touch; touch skills and competence
  5. Time & the therapeutic process; steps in sessions; phases in the therapeutic process; short-term, longer term & open-ended contracts; therapeutic journeys; goals & outcomes
  6. On working with clients: diagnostic techniques, assessment, evaluation, selection; boundaries, contracts, issues; setting up in practice
  7. Developmental models & theories of character, personality & Self 2: attachment & the embodied self; splits in bodymind integrity; social and cultural context of bodily reality; frames of reference and their anchoring
  8. Supervision of the work with fellow students & with the first training clients if appropriate

All students are required to enhance and support their learning during the Advanced Training by having individual therapy outside the course for the whole period of the training.

Dates, Location and Costs
The course consists of 33 days in year 1 and 38 days in year 2 (altogether 532 in-class training hours), starting in January 2018. The dates of the course are provisional.

They are:

Advanced Year 1  2018/19
Unit 1 – Jan 12-16 2018 (Fri-Tues)
Unit 2 - Mar 30-Apr 3 '18 (Fri-Tues, Easter)
Unit 3 - May 25-28 '18 (Fri-Mon Bank holiday)
Unit 4 - Aug 24-28 '18 (Fri-Tues, Bank holiday)
Unit 5 - Nov 2-6 '18 (Fri-Tues)
Unit 6 - Jan 25-28 '19 (Fri-Mon)
Unit 7 - Apr 19-23 '19 (Fri-Tues, Easter)

Advanced Year 2  2019/20

2019/2020 Course presently suspended

Satisfactory completion of year 1 of the Deep Bodywork Advanced course is necessary to continue into year 2.
Tuition fees for the Deep Bodywork Advanced Training are £2465 for year 1 (33 days) and £2845 for year 2 (38 days).  A deposit of £385 is required to secure a place, the rest is payable in monthly installments. There are some bursaries available.


For information or To Book, please contact Silke Ziehl, Entelia Institute at The Open Centre, 188 Old Street, London EC1V 9FR, UK , tel: 07764 200 113,  email:

Silke Ziehl, Entelia Institute at The Open Centre, 188 Old Street, London EC1V 9FR, Tel: 07764 200113, Fax: 020 7681 1992,



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