Deep Bodywork 1-year Certification Phase as Deep Bodywork Practitioner & as Certified Postural Integrator

Upon successful completion of the 2-year Deep Bodywork Advanced Training – Specialisation in Postural Integration, for those interested in becoming practitioners of Deep Bodywork it is possible to continue with a 1-year certification phase towards working in independent practice.

This 1-year phase combines intensive supervision of the participant’s work with training clients and 18 days of professional support and supervision in long weekend workshops. The purpose of this phase is to help the participants in making the transition from training context to professional practice.

Curriculum for the 1-Year Certification Phase:

  1. Work with at least 4 training clients under supervision
  2. Refining techniques & skills of working with bodymind
  3. Transference & countertransference in ongoing humanistic practice
  4. Working in independent practice as a bodywork practitioner
  5. Professional cooperation
  6. Special topics, eg. working with trauma in the body; birth etc
  7. Supervision & professional support
All students / practitioners are expected to adhere to professional ethics and standards.

Dates for next 1-Year Certification Phase:

Dates To Be Announced


After successful completion of the Deep Bodywork training courses, including the Foundation Training, the 2-year Advanced Training and the 1-year Certification Phase, a Diploma as Deep Bodywork Practitioner, issued by Entelia Institute, may be obtained by graduates.

Graduates may also independently apply for and obtain a Diploma as Certified Postural Integrator issued by the International Council of PsychoCorporal (Bodymind) Integration Trainers (ICPIT).


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